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The is administered by Sopa Enterprises, Nagpur.
We are in advertising for those who are in businesses that are dependent on social or official functions.
The advertisements are published on website

We also serve e-voting facilities for Society, Community, Employee Union, various panel elections etc., through
Here, the 'Register of Members' can be maintained on our sites at free of cost, so that their members can access 'Register of Members' of the society.
And the same will be useful, if they opt for an e-voting method of election.

We are available for pre poll / exit poll surveys through
The Sopa Enterprises offers software services to the media houses so as to use the readily available platform.
The scope of is limited to maintaining the website and making it suitable for the poll surveys.
We do not approach persons or masses to know their opinion or to motivate or entice masses to response to the survey; as it is beyond the scope of
The advertisements on print, digital, social media or on any other platform to enhance response to the survey is beyond the scope of
The media house availing services of, will have the responsibility to declare the opinion poll result, only after following regulation of Election Commission Office / GOI.
The media house availing the services of, need to comply with all the rules and regulations set by Election Commission Office/GOI.

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This web site is administered by M/S Sopa Enterprises.
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